Monthly Archives: August 2015

21 tips, tricks and shortcuts to help you stay anonymous online

1. SECURE WEBMAIL WITH EXTENSIONS If you’re using a popular webmail service, such as Gmail or Yahoo Mail, and you don’t or can’t make the switch to a more secure service, then consider installing Mailvelope. Mailvelope is a browser extension for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox that brings OpenPGP encryption to your webmail service. Similar… Read More »

Blocking Tor Browser in Cisco ASA 5505

There has been a huge explode of the Dark Web as well as various people surfing the Deep Web for information. This always makes admins wonder “How can I block TOR from my network?”. Well, if you have a Cisco firewall, read on and block that TOR browser once and for all. Prerequisites : ASA botnet… Read More »

Computer Security Safety Tips

Working in the computer security industry is challenging – especially when you get questions from friends and family asking for computer security advice 🙂. I was recently asked “How do I make my computer impenetrable?”. I responded with “It is impossible to make a computer impenetrable unless you unplug it, pull out the battery, and… Read More »