Monthly Archives: December 2009

Crackers break GSM encryption, carriers consider new algorithms

Encrypted data on GSM-supported cell phones may not be as secure as previously thought after a widely known encryption expert presented research showing how hackers can poke holes in the algorithm to eavesdrop on calls. Karsten Nohl, chief research scientist at H4RDW4RE, who asked hackers last summer to focus on cracking the widely used GSM… Read More »

Crypto by Steven Levy

“Crypto” is about privacy in the information age and about the nerds and visionaries who, nearly twenty years ago, predicted that the Internet’s greatest virtue–free access to information–was also its most  perilous drawback: a possible end to privacy. Levy explores what turned out to be a decisive development in the crypto wars: the unlikely alliance between… Read More »

It’s The Google Countdown!

Here’s a nifty little Google Easter Egg on this fine Friday. If you go to the Google homepage and click the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button with no query entered, a countdown timer will appear below the buttons. As of right now it stands at 1595867, with each second ticking off the last number in that… Read More »