Monthly Archives: October 2009

Windows 7 Guide

Free download windows 7 guide book is now available from Microsoft. This book provides information that can help you understand how windows 7 simplifies everyday tasks, works the way you want, and makes new things possible. This book overview many of the exciting features in windows 7. The windows 7 product guide is available in… Read More »

Google N.C.R.

Most of you would be knowing about this trick in navigating to Google generic website. But I just came to know only a few days before and hence thought I would share the information with others too. Whenever you type, Google automatically tries to redirect you to your country-specific website. For me, it always… Read More »

HOW TO: John the Ripper

Important! Using this software for purposes other than recovering your own lost passwords violates License Agreement and may violate the Law! John the Ripper may be simple for many geeks to use, but newbies and geeks in training may find it difficult to do exactly what they want. This tutorial is aimed at them. This… Read More »

IP Location

How to use this tool1. Enter the IP addresses in the search box. 2. Press the ‘Check!’ button. The results will displayed in the box below. Enter Domain/IP Address: (eg. or