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Install clamav on OSX with brew

Requirements: Brew package manager should be installed on your mac To install clamav ,use the commands below

macOS High Sierra Users: brew link clamav might fail so please run the commands below

Open freshclam.conf and comment the “Example” line:

Update database:

Create a Cron job to update the database definitions

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Stop Email Fraud with SPF, DKIM, and DMARC (PART I)

What is SPF The Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is a method of fighting spam by preventing fraudsters using legitimate email addresses to send spam or other fraudulent emails. An SPF record is essentially a TXT record that allows you to specify which servers can send emails on your behalf and helps prevent these emails from getting caught in recipients’ spam… Read More »

Squid proxy and custom URL filtering

A proxy server, is a computer/appliance that acts as a gateway between a local network (e.g., all the computers at one company or in one building) and a larger-scale network such as the Internet. There are great benefits of using a proxy server such as the ability to hide the IP address of the client computer so that it can surf… Read More »

[CISCO WLC] Ability to switch off/on SSID on demand

Recently I stumbled into a problem with my wireless cisco controller. How can you switch off/on the wireless (SSID) on demand without having to login to the device each time? There are many solutions available to tackle the “broadcast” issue of the SSID but not actually disabling it! For example you can configure time-based access… Read More »