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md5 Encrypt

How to use this tool 1. Enter text to encrypt. 2. Click “Encrypt!” button What is md5? MD5 is a one way hashing algorithm which means that once you encrypt, it is virtually impossible to decrypt. The md5 encryption for the text will be displayed below. Enter your text to encrypt: (This is usually a… Read More »

Your Browser Details

Use this tool to find out your IP address and hostname, your browser details (User-Agent, Cookies Enabled, Java Enabled , JavaScript Status, Screen Width & Height, CPU class/type, Screen Colour Depth, Window Width & Height) and browser headers

IP Location

How to use this tool1. Enter the IP addresses in the search box. 2. Press the ‘Check!’ button. The results will displayed in the box below. Enter Domain/IP Address: (eg. or

Website Loading Time and Speed Checker

How to use Website Loading Time and Speed Checker Tool Enter the address of the page you want to check the speed for into the text box. (eg. You can enter up to 10 different websites to check the speed for. After entering the first address, press Enter and enter a new address on… Read More »