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Windows 7, Vista, 2008 Tweaks

Check the TCP/IP state To check the current status of the Vista TCP/IP tweakable parameters, in elevated command prompt type the following command: netsh int tcp show global You will be presented with something like the following: The settings, as well as their default and recommended state are explained below. The two most important tweakable parameters are “Auto-Tuning… Read More »

Install and Enable SNMP Service in Windows XP, 7 and 2008

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is an internet protocol used in network management systems to monitor network-attached devices such as computers, servers, routers, switches, gateways, wireless access points, VoIP phones, and etc. for conditions that warrant administrative attention. SNMP provides management data in the form of variables on the managed systems, which describe the system… Read More »

Crackers break GSM encryption, carriers consider new algorithms

Encrypted data on GSM-supported cell phones may not be as secure as previously thought after a widely known encryption expert presented research showing how hackers can poke holes in the algorithm to eavesdrop on calls. Karsten Nohl, chief research scientist at H4RDW4RE, who asked hackers last summer to focus on cracking the widely used GSM… Read More »