How important are employer promises?

By | 05/01/2016

Most of the time employers tend to ask a lot of demanding tasks from their people and pose relentless time constraints for these to be implemented in.  Everyone tries their best to keep up and often enough we see employers promising to provide a magnitude of items which will help future career progression in the form of trainings, salary increases, rotations between teams and a lot more.

However, it is quite disappointing when organisations are unable to deliver what they promised and pose several potential excuses like unforeseen external issues,  budget constrains, company changes and similar ones.

The weird thing is that when employees dare to not deliver something that they are working at, this makes them liable to their bosses and they tend to be highly disappointed from the situation. So, how disappointed or frustrated should the employees become when the company doesn’t deliver what was promised?

People become more and more frustrated by hollow corporate promises and although that sometimes they don’t voice their concerns out loud, they start seeking employment elsewhere with the hope that the same problems will not arise in the new work environment.

In an ideal world, everyone should be able to speak up and claim what was promised and may very well be rightfully theirs.

But the employers should be pre-emptive and not allow situations like these to unravel and make them be vulnerable to losing good people for things that could have been easily avoided. Furthermore, employers should never promise to deliver things that they are not 100% certain that they can.

At the end of the day, an employer promise is equally (if not more) important to an employee promising to deliver his work at the specified deadline and should not be taken at all lightly. Everyone has to understand that breaking your word in the industry has serious consequences and at the ned of the day, a serious professional bases everything at word and face value.

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