Malware Email: “Credit Note CN-20029 from Budget Group, Inc. for (8341)”/”Accounts[[email protected]]”

Today we have received another spam email that contained a malicious file

FROM: Accounts<[email protected]>
SUBJECT:Credit Note CN-20029 from Budget Group, Inc. for (8341)
Date:Wed, 30 Sep 2015 08:54:04 -0500

The spam email contained a compressed file named “Credit Note which contained a malicious executable : Credit Note CN-20029.scr

File name: Credit Note CN-20029.scr
File size: 26.5 KB ( 27136 bytes )
MD5 hash: c4e7c764d7c92c05a9d81dabb7592091
SHA1 hash: c81feafeed9f5b05bf8efa32a48b7d3178ef1633
SHA256 hash: a8d7017b6d39a19304adb589f6e7fcfe6b69e150dfba5355b0fd71d969856642
Detection ratio: 36 / 56
First submission: 2015-09-29 11:00:48 UTC
VirusTotal link:
Hybrid-Analysis link:

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