Creating a bootable El Capitan ISO image

I am assuming you already have El Capitan installed in your system;if not go to App Store and download it!
Once downloaded , you will have an application called Install El Capitan in your Application list. Follow the steps below to create a bootable ISO image and use it with any virtual platform (In this guide we will be using virtualbox)

Open the terminal and paste the commands below:

Running the commands above would perform various functions and in the end output the file ElCapitan.iso (I have intentionally left out the explanation/purpose of the commands mentioned above as I wanted to keep this post as a quick “HOWTO”. If required let me know and I can include them)

Next step would be to create a new virtual machine by choosing the following settings

1.  Create a new OS X from Wizard. Name the new virtual machine El Capitan and select Type MAC OS X,Version Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan (64-bit) . If you enter the name as El Capitan the operating system should auto populate

2. Create a virtual hard disk (I’ve used 20Gb, dynamically allocated ) and make sure you change “System->chipset” to PIIX3. Then mount the created ISO and boot up.

3. If you enable USB controller, use USB 2.0 (EHCI) controller instead of USB 3.O (XHCI) Controller

4.  If you only see a the CD/DVD as installation target within the installation program or you get an error stating that there is no enough space , choose diskutility application and erase the VirtualBox disk by using the following options:

  • OS X extended (Journaled)
  • GUID Partition Map

which will lead to an empty HFS+ Journaled disk, which now could be chosen as target.Select the newly formatted drive and install El Capitan 🙂

Please let me know if that works or ask me questions by leaving a comment below!

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