Mandatory monthly Login with automate (auto login script)

For a short time you have to, so that one does not lose its host name, log in your account every month of With a simple script and a crontab entry allows you to automate.

Log on automatically

This script automates the login account of the You must enter the user name and password only.

After running to get the feedback on whether the login has worked or not.


With crontab-e to edit your crontab and add there the following line:

Thus, an account Log in is made every Sunday at 23:05.


8 thoughts on “Mandatory monthly Login with automate (auto login script)


    Thanks!, I really needed this as I have been a free user of DynDNS for a long time.

    However i get the following error:

    curl: no URL specified!
    curl: try ‘curl –help’ or ‘curl –manual’ for more information line 30: No such file or directory
    Login failed

    Any Ideas?

    Im running Ubuntu Server 12.04.


  2. texas pete

    This script works great. One thing to be aware of:

    On the line that begins ‘MULTIFORM’, either add a linefeed between the ‘\’ and the ‘|’ before awk, or delete the ‘\’. Treat the ‘\’ characters the same on the line that begins with ‘curl’.

    See the source as metioned below the article. You’ll see what I mean. It’s in German so load it up in Google Translate if you need to, but the code is in English. 🙂

    It works flawlessly for me after fixing that. The line feeds must have gotten lost when the blogger pasted in the code.

    Great work!

  3. Brian

    Thank you much for the script. If anybody wants to run this on OSX (or any other *nix system that doesn’t have mktemp, you can modify the Variable section to the following:

    # Variabeln
    DSTAMP=`date “+%Y%m%d%H%M%S”`

  4. OpenIDUser

    Thanks for this.

    I found that I needed to specify my username in lowercase or change the “grep -E” command to “grep -E -i” to deal with a mixed case username specified at the top of the script.

  5. wingman


    Thanks for the comment. You are right “-i” will search for mixed case username


  6. Garry Mullins

    I’ve tried to set something up like this in the past but didn’t have any luck (was using a different script). However, this one works great!

    I didn’t use mktemp because my environment (consumer NAS: DNS-323) has a different version of mktemp and I couldn’t figure out the proper usage. Brian’s comment solved that issue.

    Thanks a bunch.

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