Update Your Iphone 2G To Latest Firmware IOS 6.0

Since Apple has downgraded the support of latest firmware for iPhone 2G and iPod Touch 1G after releasing iOS4 firmware, users of iPhone 2G will not get updated their phone to iOS 4 or latest. This new firmware has several improved features as well as it fixes some bugs. However no need to get disappointed because there are many tech-freaks who developed new way to update iPhone 2G to iOS 6.

An Italian application developer creates new firmware named, Whited00r which enables you update your iPhone 2G to iOS 6 firmware easily. It means now you are able to get latest features of iOS 6 firmware in your iPhone 2G easily. The latest developed firmware by Italian developer is build to update iOS 3.1.3 firmware. However you can update your iPhone 2G to iOS 6 easily with this firmware and get all genuine features of iOS 6 firmware on your iPhone 2G.

In order to update your iPhone 2G to iOS 6 using Whited00r firmware, you need to download and install Whited00r firmware on your computer. Now get the full guide to update your iPhone 2G to iOS 6 from here. You just need to follow given steps systematically and you will get updated your iPhone2G.

6 thoughts on “Update Your Iphone 2G To Latest Firmware IOS 6.0

  1. Doss

    Hi, I have upgraded my iphone 2G with ios6 , 3.1.3 firmware on it. I am not able to down load any app. It is asking me to get firmware 4.1.2 and above. What is to be done for it. Is there any new firmware other than 3.1.3 for 2G iPhone. If so please guide me.

  2. Haopu

    Respected. I have no pc so how should i updated my 2g iphone to the latest version

  3. Ravi Varma

    Im uesing iPhone 2g can I update 2 new version plz gvn any process

  4. John Kenneth Mantes

    is this effective now 2015 ???!!!..pls reply ^_^

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