iOS 4.1 bug allows calls from locked iPhone 4s

By | 05/11/2010

Apple has released the latest operating system update for the iPhone. Here is a run down of all the new features:

1. Fixes slowdown and crash issues with 3G and 3GS phones.
2. Improves bugs with proximity sensors and bluetooth
3. AVRCP controls are now enabled. This allows for bluetooth enabled accessories to control various iPod features.
4. Game Center – Social networking feature for iPhone gaming
5. HDR photos for iPhone 4
6. Ability to disable autocorrection
7. Ability to upload HD video straight from the iPhone to Youtube
8. Ability to rent TV shows from the iPhone
9. Test Mode Enabled to See Numeric Signal Strength

Excited?You shouldn’t.

A vulnerability in iOS 4.1 is allowing people to make calls on a nominally locked iPhone 4, users note. Passcode-protected iPhones typically block most actions unless a person picks Emergency Call and dials a genuine emergency number, such as 911. Circumventing this on the iPhone 4 can be done by entering a non-emergency number from the Emergency screen, tapping Call, then immediately hitting the lock button. The action brings up the Phone app, where people can then access a contact list or manually dial any number.

The issue is not unique to Apple hardware. Only recently, a similar flaw was discovered with the Motorola Droid 2 and Droid X. With those devices, restricted calls can be made through a combination of Voice Actions and holding down a search button. Other Android 2.2-based phones are so far unaffected.

Here’s a dude in Brazil showing it off.

Update: Wired received a statement from an Apple spokeswoman, who noted that the bug will be fixed in iOS 4.2 next month.An Apple spokeswoman contacted with a response regarding the security flaw:

We’re aware of this issue and we will deliver a fix to customers as part of the iOS 4.2 software update in November.

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