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Tools to perform a Full system scan

Tools to perform a File Scan or Analyse Malware


How to Test your Anti-malware solution?

Each test will open up a new browser window.You may wish to try each test systematically. Ideally, all tests should be blocked by your anti-malware defences. If a blank window loads, then it likely was not detected/prevented.

The Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO™) was founded in May 2008 as an international non-profit association that focuses on addressing the global need for improvement in the objectivity, quality and relevance of anti-malware testing methodologies.

TestMyAV is a website with a single purpose – to get people testing anti-malware solutions for themselves. Rather than trusting vendors, testing companies and sales people, we believe that testing isn’t hard and that everyone should have the ability to evaluate what solutions are best for their organisation.

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    Added “Metadefender” scanning webpage and “wicar” for testing you anti-malware solution

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