Install clamav on OSX with brew

Requirements: Brew package manager should be installed on your mac To install clamav ,use the commands below

macOS High Sierra Users: brew link clamav might fail so please run the commands below

Open freshclam.conf and comment the “Example” line:

Update database:

Create a Cron job to update the database definitions

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Malware Email : “Your Invoice # 075116” | [email protected]

Yesterday I received the suspicious email below which had an “invoice” attached The pdf attachment contains a javascript that will try to launch an embedded file. Statically analysing the file The sample extracted is (adffff8a8b174bdc9f8e9d4e4ce53f7a HJHZOOLJL.docm) is already detected by multiple engines (14/58 VT) if the user chooses to open the file, it will be presented with… Read More »

[UPDATED] Phishing Email : [Notice] : Apple Statement account update information login to re-active

I sometimes receive email samples from users (Thank you!)  to analyse. This time it an apple phishing email asking the user to verify her apple account (snippet below) The email appears to be coming from “” using SMTP relay of “cloud9-netdesk[.]com” .The latter seems to be using Google as registrar and it’s not live anymore

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